Well it’s coming up to that time in the year where all of us are sat ready with our fingers on the mouse, or keyboard ready to install that all new hot release. Oh yes, it’s only a month left.

Lucid Lynx is ready to be thrown amongst the giants to be classed as another LTS release.

I have been doing some investigating to see exactly what the new release has in store for is. And personally, I’m sick of hearing about the bootup time, new kernels etc etc etc. What I really want to know is, what’s new?! You know…what can I SEE that has changed?!

Well here are what I consider the most eye-catching new entries!


Are you a big social networking fan like me?
I am a twitterer, facebooker, blogger, and any other words ending in -er.
Well if the answer is yes, then this is for you, it is an amazing feature that allows you to interact with the latest trends, or so I’m told, it has been included in the pre-releases so check it out!

Ubuntu One Music Store

No, you haven’t stumbled upon an Apple website.
Ubuntu are linking what they call, the Ubuntu One Music Store.
It will sit as a webbrowser in Rhythmbox or Banshee, and can be used to purchase music from which then ends up in your ‘Music’ folder.

Okay, so they are my two most interesting points, and why?

Well I like the idea of the Me-menu, I can simply use my desktop to keep up with the world. And it won’t interfere with space on my screen. We alll know Mark Shuttleworth loves his social gadgets and this is a great idea, however, if you are annoyed about the hype of the social networking, this won’t be your thing.

I am not a big fan of the Ubuntu One Music Store.
The reason is two-fold:
Firstly, I am proud we are different, we are not ‘conventional’ yet we seem to catch peoples attention. And this sounds like a cheap gimmic to join the bandwagon.
Secondly, Ubuntu is free, Ubuntu speaks of freedom and always being free!
So why is there an application I didn’t request, and that wouldn’t have any use except for PURCHASING music I already have? Look at my standard out-of-the box karmic installation. All the software I get there, I need, a browser, settings, music player, video player, email client, instant messenger, THAT makes sense, but now adding something that not all of us need but cant just get rid of unless we want to part with Rhythmbox goes against the idea of Linux’s freedom of choice.

Well, tell me what you think.