Have you ever had to reinstall Ubuntu and then having to get all the codecs, and then all the programs you want again. It’s a pain right? Or as a new user to Linux were totally gutted when you came to the discovery that MP3s wouldn’t play, DVD’s wouldn’t play and Flash and Java weren’t exactly easy to install.

There are many Ubuntu spin-offs that adress this problem. Take for instance Ultimate Edition.
The creator of Ultimate Edition, TheeMan made this Ubuntu spin-off work out of the box with all kinds of programs pre-installed. Only 2 major problems I noticed:
1) A lot of the software was unnecessary, so this meant you’d spend a lot of time uninstalling it.
2) When upgrading Ubuntu it would more than likely break your Ubuntu.

That’s where SuperOS comes in.
Previously known as Super Ubuntu, this is not an Ubuntu spin-off. It basically is Ubuntu with all the codecs and a few necessary programs pre-installed.
Think of it as installing Ubuntu with being able to watch Youtube, DVDs, listen to MP3s chat on MSN through aMSN and chat on Skype all straight out of the box. And best of all, because it isn’t a spin off, when it’s time to Upgrade…it won’t break your existing installation!

Check it out: SuperOS