Well the race is on, and with only 2 days until Lucid Lynx is officially, I decided to look at the current Beta and see if it meets up to expectations.

Please note that I have had daily upgrades to the system to make this as close to what is to be expected as possible.

This is a great looking and modern operating system. It adds simplicity to complexity and gives a desktop that works well in what it does.
The improvements and alterations are vast. There is the MeMenu, change of theme, speed, support for graphics cards and network cards.

But there are some tiny niggly little things that do stop it from being perfect.
Why go over that again?
Well, we seem to forget that this isn’t just another release, this is an LTS. The flagship of the future Ubuntu, and it has to be as close to perfection as humanly possible. We will not nag over things that was out of Developers control, but obviously we will if they could have been avoided. And this is where the nagging begins.
I would love to have a chat with the person behind the decision to make Empathy the standard IM for Ubuntu. I do not dislike Empathy, in fact I love it. But it’s not mature, and that has to be realised!
Who is going to replace a fully fledged working IM program with one that yes, has A/V support, but no, has no blocking facility, and no plug in ability. Let the developers work on it a little longer and once it’s ready, then let us use it. I don’t feel like we are given bad software, because it’s not, I feel like we may be used as labrats, being used to test a new idea.
Pretty much the same can be said for Gwibber and the MeMenu integration. Don’t get me wrong, the MeMenu works perfect, but Gwibber doesn’t…this has simply got to be the most unstable piece of software I have seen Ubuntu promote. Nothing in Gwibber makes me excited after all these terrible fails. Seriously, take it off the system, it’s a shame on a good system.
I know the idea behind it though, I mean, it was thought out by Mark Shuttleworth himself, to let Ubuntu lead the charge in a social-network OS revolution. The problem with this though, is that because it’s a revolution, it has never been done before, do your research first. And I’m a big fan of Mark Shuttleworth, but this was rushed and I wonder for what reason, is it to make Ubuntu number one, or is it to silence his critics when they say he doesn’t contribute enough to Linux. If it’s the latter, I’m sorry Mark, but drawing a design and using existing software to put behind the new mask doesn’t make it yours.

What I’m trying to say is this, let me compare my 9.10 system with 10.04, and weighup the changes (all on the same system):
* Pidgin IM (not standard but thats what I had) – Worked prefectly
* Nvidia – Worked perfect
* Internet – needed tweaking, then worked perfect
* Mic – Perfect
* Webcam – Perfect


* Pidgin IM – standard Empathy, but that was lame, so this worked perfect
* NVidia – Perfect
* Internet – needed tweaking, then worked perfect
* Mic – Perfect
* Webcam – Not recognised
* MeMenu – Too buggy for everyday use

So I ended up having less working things, and an extra service which is too buggy.

My concern is that this is an LTS and I predict now that this is going to be disastrous