Did anybody notice the hot deal called the Humble Indie Bundle?

Well, let me explain. Some indie games makers got together and produced a bundle of games which included Penumbra Overture, World of Goo, Aquarius, Gish and Lugaru HD.

These games were then sold together on Linux, Windows and Mac and you determined the price!

If you wanted to pay $20 or $0.99 thats up to you. Part of the proceeds went to the charities Child’s Play and EFF.

I wouldn’t try and get them now as they have stopped now raising over $1M!!!

Keeping with tradition however, they have now made 3 of these games open source with the other 2 being made open in the remainder of this year.

What I like about this except for the open sourceness of it all, is the radical back to basics approach that could change the way we do business in the future if it was adopted globally.
How often haven’t you bought a game for $40-50 only to discover it wasn’t even worth the money you would spend on a CD-R? Well this way you pay for what you think it is worth and it forces games to be of the best quality.
At the end of the day, people will pay serious money if they think it is worth it, and although many think piracy will continue to be just as bad if we went about business like that, you need to ask yourself the question, is piracy so bad right now because people want everything for free, or because they feel they are being ripped off when they pay retail price?