If you have read my posts in the past, then you most likely know that I am not one of these anti-Microsoft people.
My reason for Linux was because I wanted a computer Operating System which gave me control, and my choice for Ubuntu was because it is the Operating System that has the biggest chance of making it big and let’s face it, it is great to work with.

It is fair to say however, that I am opposed to Microsoft’s business practices. I know it is dog-eat-dog world out there, but sometimes it seems Microsoft even go beyond the norm.
I am not going to take the time explaining why, but if it interests you, and you have no idea of what has happened behind the curtains, just research their browser war with Netscape, and how what they did with employees of game developers they bought.

All this, I ignored.

I, like most people use MSN to communicate with friends and the wide world. And use many opensource programs to do that, together with aMSN for webcam support. But now that doesn’t work. I thought that perhaps my firewall was the cause and when I couldn’t fix it, I just left it. But whilst trying to fix it for someone in the forums, I found out that Microsoft has stopped us from using webcam/audio. And this will no longer be supported in the future by aMSN.
This however, seems to not be aMSN’s problem, but Microsoft.

I also go to some conferences, and time and time again I see Microsoft speaking at Linux Conferences, and contributing to the future of Linux.
This annoys me.
Double standards are not a part of the Linux culture. And I would like to remind Microsoft what happened to once reigning Linux OS RedHat once they went commercial, they are rarely seen except in business.
I therefore ask all of you, who have enjoyed Linux, love Linux, the ideology behind Linux to close yourself away from Microsoft.
I urge you not to use MSN, their search engine, or anything that perhaps your Windows peers may be using.
Not out of spite, and not to try and change the world because we will not.
But purely to squeeze out Microsoft from Linux. I for one would no longer like to see Microsoft speaking for Linux, if you want to support a big company who does show interest in Linux because of it’s potential and not to hold their competition at bay, choose Google.

Thank you