In my previous post I mentioned the new Longene project which also goes by the name of the Linux Unified Kernel (aka LUK).

The main issue that I ran into when attempting to get that working was that I am not one for messing with the kernel and the debian packages provided were only supported for Ubuntu 9.04 and 9.10.
Since then the project team behind the kernel development have released a set of debian packages supporting 10.04.

I had to try this and installed these new files without problems and this time I was able to get input from my keyboard and mouse (which I didn’t last time).

The only problem I encountered however was that for my Nvidia graphics card the driver that is installed in 10.04 (proprietary) was somehow not supported.
Now this I could most likely work with and install the driver directly from the Nvidia site, but also my Atheros card was not recognised in this kernel, and this was simply a must for me. So unfortunately I was unable to continue.

I still find this an exciting development however, and I’m in faith that as the development continues this will become a big change in the Linux world.

Don’t fret though if you were hoping for better support with Windows programs, and just have a look at my Wine 1.2 post as this may just make you excited.

I also want to let you all know that a great support from the Ubuntu community has taken up the challenge for the LUK Longene projects support with Atheros and NVidia and are working on that as we speak. When the support becomes available, I will post it here with obviously the contributor who made this possible.

For more information about the project, please visit their website by clicking on this link here