No doubt a lot of us download a lot of data while online.
Perhaps the downloads may be done through websites, or Usenet.

One of the big problems new users face when coming to Ubuntu or GNU/Linux in general is the use of a Usenet client.

A quick glance at the repositories whether through the Software Center or apt-get or Synaptic gives us ‘Pan’.
This is a Usenet client able to connect to Usenet and newsreading.

The problem is, that there is no obvious and easy way to download files using Pan.

There is however a simple and easy solution.

Through apt-get, Synaptic or Software Center you can download a program called ‘LottaNZB’.
This program makes use of HellaNZB and does everything you need.
You find what you are looking for in a usenet search engine like for instance and get a .nzb file.
Then you simply open this file in LottaNZB and it will download the file, extract the files from it and create a folder inside your Downloads folder with the file you wanted.