UPDATE: This post was written a few days ago outlining that Valve had come out and said that there will be NO Steam for Linux.

But if we weren’t confused enough…Valve has reposted a job vacancy for a Linux developer. Now please keep in mind that the original rumours of a Linux client of Steam coming came from this vacancy together with Phoronix’s find of a Linux client, please don’t get all excited again. My personal thought is that the vacancy is for someone developing perhaps a server client and not a Steam client.

Either way, the original post is below if you are still interested

As most of you will now know:

Valve has announced that they will NOT be making Steam for Linux.

It is yet unknown, why there was Linux code in the Mac version of the client, or why there was once a Linux client on the servers being developed.

There was also a job advertisement from Valve looking for a Linux programmer.

My personal thought on this was that they were at one point looking at making a client for Linux. But that the porting for games to Linux would most likely have cost to much with not enough return. And if they did the same as for Mac where games were Mac games already, then we could have gotten them of the repositories making not much use of Steam.