Well as I have outlined in previous posts, current myth tells us that only 1% of Desktop pc’s run Linux.

Funnily enough, Steve Balmer stated that he felt it was larger than that and that Linux is used more than OSX.

We can do something about this, we can prove to the world we are not a small community, but an army.

Simply click on the link below and on the right-hand side of the page fill in your details. Don’t fear the question about email, this is only used so that people don’t enter more than once and give wrong numbers. The more Linux users do this, the greater we prove we are.

Click here to take part

You may ask, well what is so important and useful for me to add myself to this poll.

Well let’s look at some of the more upsetting things happening in the Linux world lately.

Games are not made for Linux and placed on shelves because there aren’t many Linux users.

There will be no Linux Steam Client, due mainly to the small numbers of Linux users.

If you can help prove that there is a big number of users, then these developers and companies will think we can be a great attribute to their sales, resulting in seeing your favourite Windows software on Linux natively.

Now do you see the reason to take part?

Join the revolution!!!