Now I know this has nothing to do with Linux and Ubuntu, but I made the mistake of getting a Blackberry and getting rid of my Android(what was I thinking???) and couldn’t get Google Plus to be nice on Blackberry…so here is what I found

No Google+ webapp for OS 5? Actually, there is

Okay, so you have a Blackberry, and you have Google Plus but your Blackberry is one of those that won’t get the update to OS 6, and guess what, the webapp for Google+ (only app available for Blackberry right now) is only available for OS 6+!

Don’t dispair, all is not lost.
The problem lies with the horrible browser that the older Blackberry’s are shipped with.

First things first, we need a new browser that supports the webapp.

The browser is called Bolt and supports Google +’s webapp even for OS 5!
Simply point your Blackberry browser here:

Download and install the application and you will find Bolt Browser in your download folder.

Once that is done, go to the following site (and bookmark it) using the Bolt Browser:

That link forces the webapp even if it isn’t really compatible and having tested this on my Bold 9000 it loaded perfectly with everything perfectly rendered (unlike with Opera Mini).

Now I have to say the browser isn’t the most beautiful I ever seen, but at least it works and does the job.

Uploading Pictures to Google+

Now if you search the internet for the answer to this question, they all point out one way, and that is using Picasa’s Web Albums.
The only problem is that pictures uploaded through there will load unto Google + but won’t show up in the timeline and nobody seems to have discovered the trick to getting individual pictures to load to the timeline, well…I have, so read on.

Everyone with a Google account also has a Picasa account. But we first have to prepare it for uploading pictures from our Blackberry so let’s first log in to Picasa Web Albums using this adress using your Computer:

You then have to set up Picasa upload by email. Since there is a perfectly good guide available here:
I won’t be covering that part and will be moving on to the part that’s most important of all.

At this point we reached the end of what so far has been the solution but does not show up newly added pictures to your timeline, so here is the secret to letting it show up:

It’s simply a comment, that’s it…nothing more, just a comment to your picture!

Now the trick is to find an application for the Blackberry that accesses Picasa Webalbums and allows you to comment pictures.

Since I didn’t find any free applications in the App World (maybe you can and save yourself some money) I purchased the excellent vCasa which set me back around 3 Euro and does the job perfectly and at the same time looks great.

So, let’s now run through what you would have to do to add a new picture to your timeline from your Blackberry (it’s not exactly hassle free but easy enough until there is a Blackberry app for G+).

1) Take your picture

2) Having added your personal Picasa upload email to your contacts simply send the picture to it, and change the Subject to the name you wish the Picture to show, allowing one space before you write the name.

3) Open up the app for Picasa Web Albums on your Blackberry (vCasa), go to your uploading album and select your new picture

4) Put a comment in, anything at all it does not matter

That’s it, check your timeline and your new picture is right there for all to see