If you are one of the countless people (including myself) who have lots and lots of trouble installing Ubuntu (or other Ubuntu based OS’s) and find that when loading the installer or Live environment then see if this is the problem:

Does Ubuntu hang by login but you don’t see the login and only see a background and a mouse pointer?

If so I’m betting that you have a Nvidia graphics card, if so, then this is the solution for you:

Load up your CD/USB containing the OS, just past the BIOS screen press the left Shift button.

You should now be on the grub menu.

Hit the ‘e’ button and you should see a block of strange text.

Find the line that says ‘quit splash’…Delete both of those and type ‘nomodeset’ without quotes.

Hit Ctrl+X and let Ubuntu load, this should bring you into the Live environment but probably has a poor resolution. If you have chosen Ubuntu 11.04+ then don’t worry that you don’t see Unity.

Install Ubuntu.

After it is installed, and you restart, once again hit left Shift just after BIOS and once again hit ‘e’.

Once more you delete ‘quiet splash’ and replace it with ‘nomodeset’.

Login to Ubuntu and you should be made aware that there are proprietary drivers available for your graphics card. Install the one that is recommended and restart the computer as suggested.

After this, your computer should login without having to change the Grub setting and the resolution will be correct.