I do a lot of work on Linux, and am always busy on it.

One thing that annoyed me a lot was the amount of things I was wasting time on and wasting precious memory.
For instance, most times I have at least two text editors open at the same time, playing music, opening a calculator, checking my mail, checking things through my browser and using the terminal more than anything else.

Well imagine how full my workspace is and how much moving of the mouse and alt-tabs I have to use…yeah, it’s a mess.

So I decided to change all this. And created ‘Arfys Editor’:

What other editor have you seen that boasts these features:

  • Two text editors in one window
  • Music control inside the text editor
  • Buttons for common tasks such as calculator, firefox, google mail, File Browser, Terminal
  • And a picture to make it all pretty

This was originally created just to satisfy my own needs, but I find this program simply too good to keep to myself.

At the moment there are a few things that aren’t totally optimized or customized, for instance:

  • Google mail opens inside a browser
  • Only Firefox is supported for Google Mail and webbrowsing
  • Banshee is the only supported music player
  • Nautilus is the only file browser supported

If these points put you off, then fear not, before the product is released, I aim to have accomplished the following:

  • Mail opens Thunderbird
  • Support for different browsers including Chrome and Chromium
  • Banshee, MPlayer, Rhythmbox will be supported
  • Nautilus and Dolphin support

Currently it is simply a proof of concept.

Check out the screenshot and see what you think:

Under the hood:

  • Python GUI
  • Buttons triggering using bash
  • Opening, Saving, and closing triggered using Python

Watch this space!!!


If you have any suggestions or features you would like to see before I release it, please leave me a comment