If you don’t follow technology developments, this may have not been on your radar.

Soon it’s time for the release of Windows 8, now despite the changes in it’s interface and the new applications it brings with it, there is another technology that is causing a scare in the industry: Secure Boot.

In a nutshell it’s like this: Currently most of us are familiar with the BIOS screen at bootup which enables you to change boot order and other things. But this is old and outdated, so in order to make your system not to be infected by malicious code and the like, there is Secure Boot. Great right?

Not really, this works with keys, for instance Windows 8 will contain these keys that Secure Boot recognises and allows the OS to be installed. However, it will not recognise Linux, meaning that by default you can not install Linux. Microsoft also wants all Manufacturers that wish to ship Windows 8 to have Secure Boot switched on by default.

As you can expect, this caused RedHat Canonical and many others to come out and try and fight for a solution.

The obvious solution is to have an enable/disable switch at boot, but according to Microsoft this is up to manufacturers. But considering this makes the idea of Secure Boot useless, so don’t expect to see that happening.

So Microsoft came up with a ‘solution’.
They are considering placing the switch inside Windows 8, but that only means dual boot, not just Linux.

My thought on this is that the obvious market plan by Microsoft could work against them.
If so many of us refuse to buy windows 8 pcs, then manufacturers will lose too much money, and maybe then we will see the switch. Or perhaps we should put the hands in our pockets and set up a Linux fund to pay for the creation of complete Linux Computers.

What do you think?