N.B. Unfortunately Wine no longer works with Paltalk. 

I have been writing some time now about running Paltalk on Ubuntu.

My first post was an instruction guide to installing Paltalk Express through Mozilla Prism and proved a little difficult.
My second post went a little further and provided a nice script to do this for you.

However, prism is no longer in the repositories and Flash seems to prove difficult for a lot of people, including myself.
This resulted in not being able to use microphone or camera.

Luckily I am able to now provide you with the easiest and most perfect solution.

Installing Paltalk on Wine.

Please note that I use Ubuntu 11.10 and have tested it for a maximum of about 30 minutes since I don’t really use Paltalk, so please let me know if you encounter problems, so I can fix them.

So, here goes:

Installing Wine and all those things needed

Now you can use Ubuntu Software Center for this, but I am going to give the commands for installation in the terminal, which is a lot quicker.

First install Wine 1.3, this is done as followed:

sudo apt-get install wine1.3

You will automatically also get winetricks, which we also need to install added little bits and bobs.

Once you have installed this, carry out the next command:

winetricks ie7

It may seem strange but this will install Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.
But you will need it.

Next we need to install an old version of MSN, once again, it seems strange, but you will need it.

Simply go to: http://www.oldversion.com/download_MSN_Messenger_7.0.html

When this has finished downloading run it through Wine and install it.

The reason this was needed is that Paltalk will run without these, but is absolutely useless as it will never show any rooms in the categories.

Finishing up

Now go to http://www.paltalk.com and download Paltalk Scene, install this and run it.

That should be all you need