Do you watch the Linux Action Show?

Then you may already know that Bryan Lunduke’s company Radical Breeze has for quite some time released a product called ‘Illumination Software Creator’.
If not, go check it out at

Recently a competition was held by users of Illumination Software Creator to create a great piece of software where there would be 3 winners picked.
Seeing as though I had built AppBackup using this product, I felt it would be brilliant to enter it into the competition.

The competition was huge and a lot of great apps had been entered.
AppBackup won as the best utility.

But, the Linux Action Show was recording their 200th episode with guest speaker Richard Stallman to make it extra special.
What really threw me however, was that even when the competition was briefly mentioned, AppBackup was mentioned in great detail and enthousiasm.

So, if Bryan can get so excited, then so must the rest of you!