A while ago I finished a product called AppBackup.

Now you are probably wondering what that is.
If you have AppBackup on your iPhone, don’t get mixed up, they are no way related, it’s just a coincidence in the names.

AppBackup takes the frustration out of reinstalling or installing new Debian based systems.

How many times have you installed Linux on your computer, or had to reinstall it, and spend hours reinstalling all those great applications you love?

Now, we have Ubuntu One, Dropbox, and many MANY cloud storage systems to take care of moving our personal files from one place to the next.
But seriously, no backup for our applications?!

That was something I had to change…introducing, AppBackup.

What AppBackup does is use your apt-get repository to create a list of your installed applications, then sends that to Dropbox.
Then, it creates a cronjob to ensure this happens hourly, so you don’t need to do it yourself.

Then when you format/reinstall/install debian on another system, AppBackup will take the list from your Dropbox, and reinstall alllllll those applications*.

Does that make things easier or what?!

And come on, it’s award winning, that counts for something surely?

*Only able to reinstall applications that have been installed using repositories. If you have used third-party repositories, please ensure they are added to the list before restoring your applications, otherwise it will not install those packages.

So without further time wasting;

You can download AppBackup in two formats, just a single python file, and a packaged Debian file for easy install.

Please note, that after it has been installed, it will need to be ran for the first time to set up.
You will also need a Dropbox account and the Dropbox app installed for this to work (available from dropbox.com and the Software Center).

For the python file: http://db.tt/Fp5stRKR

For the Debian package: http://db.tt/4iAkyBLX