A little personal post here to see if anyone out there can help me out.

I am a Linux guy living in Holland.
I’m 26 and have used Linux for around 10/11 years now, but I made a slight misjudgement many years ago and now I am struggling to get a career.

Here’s the thing; I was born in Holland and aged 12 I moved to the United Kingdom and did my studies there until I was 16.
I was a big fanatic of Linux but weirdly enough, I never thought I should head into that direction when I was young so never did any studies in IT or Linux.

However, after school I found myself working in an office working with Linux and haven’t done anything else ever since.
I never had problems finding work in that sector as I have plenty of relevant work experience, and in England that’s very valuable.

About 4 years ago, I moved back to Holland, and there the problems started.
You see, Holland is a diploma country.
Your work experience is as good as useless here, if you do not have the relevant certification.
In fact, here in Holland you need a diploma to collect garbage (true story).

So, I enrolled for a university course (HBO) in IT.
I quickly realised it was just plain stupid.
4 year course, costing a lot of money, and they were unbelievably anti-linux.
But worst of all, Linux was covered for the extent of a whole 4 weeks. That’s 4 weeks out of 4 years!

I stopped after a year and a half.

Now here nobody wants to hire me purely because I don’t have qualifications. In fact, one interviewer actually told me she knew I could easily do this job, but the fact I did not have certification meant I was not the right candidate.
Also, here they don’t seem to recognise the LPI, RedHat or any other pure Linux certifications. All they recognise is the HBO (did I mention it covers Linux for 4 weeks???).

So does anyone here have any advice for me?
What can a guy like me do?