I have received a lot of comments about people who were not able to install Lotro on their machine.

In order to make this as easy as possible, I have written a small script which will automate the entire process for you.
Please note that you are pretty much a guinea pig since I already had LotRO installed, I wasn’t able to completely test the script. I have ran it without errors, but it was more overwriting my existing install.

Please feel free to read through the script before you use it (can’t be too safe) but please don’t complain about how ugly the code is, it hurts my feelings.

Also, I am not able fix problems with this script, it just automates the install, but I will add some common problems at the bottom of this page, if you encounter any problems, they may help out.
If you have a problem I haven’t covered, then feel free to comment.

How to use the script

First download the FULL installer from http://www.fileplanet.com/213014/210000/fileinfo/The-Lord-of-the-Rings-Online-Client-%28Free-Game%29 .

Then download the my script from https://dl.dropbox.com/u/4330555/lotroInstall.sh and place it in the SAME directory as the Lotro Windows installer.
The Lotro Windows installer must be unzipped and then make sure the script is in the same directory as the unzipped files.

Open a terminal and navigate to the directory in which these files are placed (E.g. if the unzipped files and the script is placed in a LOTRO folder inside the Downloads folder you would type ‘cd ~/Downloads/LOTRO’)
Then type ‘sh lotroInstall.sh’ and hit enter, then follow the instructions.

Possible issues

If you get the error ‘hardware texture compression support was not detected’, then this is a graphics card issue. This can be fixed by opening a terminal and typing ‘sudo apt-get install driconf’. After that, open driconf, click on the Image Quality tab and change the ‘Enable S3TC texture…’ setting to ‘Yes’.
After that it should load.

If you have a black screen but hear the music, or when you get to the character screen it all goes black:
Then your graphics settings are set too high.
This can be resolved like this (Although tedious):
First open Regedit by typing ‘regedit’ in a terminal and hitting enter.
Then go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software  > Wine > Direct3D (if it doesn’t exist, create it).
Create or change the key ‘DirectDrawRenderer’ to ‘gdi’.
Then go to a folder called ‘The Lord of the Rings Online’ inside your home folder. Not the one inside the .wine folder.
If you are unable to locate the folder, then search your home folder for a file named ‘UserPreferences.ini’.
Once you have located this, open it with your favourite text editor.
At the bottom of this file are the graphics options. Find all the options there that are set to ‘High’ and change them to ‘Low’.
Also change options like bloom and lighting to ‘Off’.
Save the file and try and login to LotRO using pyLotro and see if you still have this issue.

I hope this helps some people, and if it did, enjoy the game!