Do you have your phone on silent at work, or have it charging upstairs?
Or perhaps you are listening to music whilst on your computer and don’t see your phone.
Either way, you most likely will be the victim of ‘the forgotten messages’.

Many attempts at resolving this issue have been going for quite some time now.
Usually it involves a server client running on your computer, and a client on your phone.
You know the type, those ugly Java cross platform apps?
Well, they always fall short in my opinion.

Take for example WhatsApp.
I don’t know anybody who doesn’t use WhatsApp.
Yet, despite the huge success and usage numbers, all the apps to show notifications on the desktop never seem to work with Whatsapp.
Instead, the developer adds support for different applications as he/she goes along, so it’s a case of hoping that your favourite app is included.

Well, that’s all changed now.
First KDE showed off a new application called KDE Connect, which would send messages to the desktop.
The problem is, if you are an Ubuntu user, or just a Linux user who doesn’t use KDE, you were essentially left in the dark.

But a new project has just began called LinConnect.
Once again a server/client set up, but this time specific to Linux.
The server application is CLI, but is simply a case of set up and never touch again. Three questions and it’s all done.
The Android application is also extremely easy to set up, and beats it’s competitors by not requiring an IP specifically (though there is an option for it), but scans the network for servers running LinConnect and allows you to connect to it.

But what makes LinConnect all the more special is that it does not limit itself to built in support of Apps, but instead uses the notification bar on Android phones.
This means that any app that gives you a notification on tray, will do so on your computer too.
And what’s more, it uses cache’s of thumbnails for the different apps.
The notifications are then displayed on your computer just like normal desktop apps, but with thumbnails too.
So that Whatsapp picture of your girlfriend will also pop up as part of the notification. Very slick.
If no picture is needed, it will show a picture representing the type of app.

The impressive thing is that when I have received an email through my phone, and the notification is displayed on my computer, I find it difficult to see whether it was sent as a notification from my phone, or Evolution.

The project is in very early development (Alpha), but I wouldn’t let that discourage you, as I have yet to encounter any bugs.

Check it out on the Play Store: LinConnect

You can install the client from there (it’s free)

And you can install the server for on your desktop here: LinConnect Server

Say goodbye to those messages you might have missed, but also realize that the excuse ‘oh sorry, I didn’t see your message’ is no longer applicable with this. Either way, have fun.