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I have been receiving quite a few messages lately suggesting I accept donations.
I’ve always been somewhat reluctant since I don’t want to be that guy that begs for money.

However, I would be extremely grateful for any donations.
Therefore, in the light of everything open-source, you can now make donations via BitCoin.

So, if you wish to make a donation, you can do so by sending it to: 1Mm7a38bATKB9xUxVVqwdywb3yb9jrvaPt

Thank you for your support!


The Ubuntu Revolution

Okay okay, I admit, I might be slightly out of date with the title.
But what I meant to say is that this is a revolution within Linux as apose to a revolution in the IT world.
We are now faced with a lot choices of distributions and even when one is chosen, do we go for Gnome, KDE, XFCE or what?

That’s what meant.

So you stumbled upon this page and are probably wondering what this is all about.
Well this blog isn’t just about me, it’s not just about my relationship with Ubuntu. It’s about yours.
I aim to let you know about the latest development in Ubuntu related software, news that matters, software reviews and interaction.
How this is going to work is that I am going to talk, and you tell me if you agree, if you disagree, if you want to know about something, or a review on new software. And most importantly, this is your centre stage. If you have just created your first piece of software and want the world to know about it, don’t be shy, let me know about it and I will shout to the world how great it is.

It’s all about learning!

You see people, I am not another blogger, I wish to work together with you, because together we’re not just a community, not just friends, together we are…

The Ubuntu Army!